Take Full Control of Your Network!

Our cutting-edge SMS firewall solution empowers mobile network operators to efficiently monitor SMS traffic, identify and prevent fraud, while capitalizing on their A2P business opportunities.

Safeguard Your Revenues!

Today’s biggest challenge for operators is revenue leakage from unauthorized A2P Traffic. Our SMS firewall is designed to deliver consistent A2P SMS revenue growth through revenue assurance mechanisms. By identifying and obstructing A2P SMS traffic that attempts to enter the home network through unofficial channels, commonly known as grey routes, it ensures that all A2P SMS is directed through authorized and official routes, hence safeguarding the integrity of the system and optimizing A2P message termination.

Guarantee A2P Monetization!

Antwerp Technologies’ SMS firewall combines real-time traffic monitoring, intelligent traffic filtering, fraud detection and prevention, advanced traffic analytics, detailed reporting and insights, and seamless integration with existing systems. Thanks to this unbeatable combination, we provide mobile operators with an impenetrable defense against a wide array of SMS fraud types, including:

✓ Spamming
✓ Flooding
✓ Spoofing
✓ Smishing / SMS phishing
✓ Malware

Secure Your Network!

With our robust SMS Firewall, mobile operators can now reinforce their networks through advanced security measures and stay ahead in the battle against emerging risks.
Leveraging the latest technology, Antwerp Technologies’ SMS firewall incorporates innovative features to ensure unparalleled defense against evolving threats.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SMS Firewall?

A Firewall is a third-party monetization solution facilitating the live monitoring of SMS traffic and empowering operators to effectively block fraudulent activity, thereby reducing financial losses and securing the SMS ecosystem.

How does an SMS Firewall work?
What are the benefits of an SMS Firewall?
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How to choose a proper Firewall?
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