Time To Level Up The Traveler's Experience!

Most of the time, tourists are concerned about where to buy a local SIM card. With our tourist SIM bundles, you can now make the visitor’s experience smooth and enjoyable because staying connected while traveling is no longer a hassle!

Convenience At Its Best!

With SIM4All, tourists will feel like royalty!
Consisting of a local SIM card packet within a touristic booklet,
Tourist SIM/Sim4All offers travelers entering a country a free to “Activate and Use” visitor line at no cost in addition to being loaded with free benefits.

The Free "Tourist Sim Pack" Offers

Fast to Launch, Faster to Scale

FREE limited flexible minutes (national or international)
FREE limited flexible SMS (national or international)
FREE limited MB of data

Benefits For Operators

  1. 1

    Customer Retention and Loyalty

  2. 2

    Increase in revenues

  3. 3

    Portfolio expansion

Benefits For Users

  1. 1

    No need to visit a physical store to get a SIM card

  2. 2

    No roaming fees

  3. 3

    Nonstop connection

  4. 4

    A seamless travel experience

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