RBT Suite: Time To Spice Up The Calling Experience!
Attract and retain loyal subscribers while maximizing your revenues with our innovative Ring Back Tone (RBT) services.

Audio RBT: Elevate Entertainment

Delight your subscribers with an extensive library of entertainment content. Let them personalize their Ring Back Tones, setting the perfect mood for specific callers or caller groups. This feature is available for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

Text RBT: Personalize Messages

Empower subscribers to craft their unique personalized messages. Whether it's conveying the purpose of their call, creating a special greeting, broadcasting a message, or leaving a memorable note through a pop-up notification, this service offers unmatched personalization.

Corporate RBT: Effective Communication

For enterprises seeking effective communication, Corporate RBT is the answer. Activate your company's customized Ring Back Tone on your employees' mobile numbers. Share news, showcase new products, and keep valued customers informed.

Pray RBT: Elevate Spiritual Connection

Open to all prepaid and postpaid subscribers, Pray RBT takes RBT to a spiritual level. Allow customers to set a prayer as their Ring Back Tone during prayer times, up to 5 times a day across different time zones.

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